We’re thrilled to announce Sarento’s Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria will be reopening May 28.

Please note that we are working very hard to ensure a safe, clean environment for everyone dining at our wonderful Italian restaurant.

To make sure there will be plenty of room for social distancing, we are following WEDC guidelines for spacing of our dining room tables and our bar seating.

Parties must be no larger than 10 people and each group dining with us is being asked to remain at least 6 feet away from other diners.

All employees will undergo COVID Safety Training before we re-open for business. In addition:

• All employees are being required to have their temperature taken before starting their shift and will be sent home if they have a fever.

• All employees are being issued a face mask which they will be required to wear.

• All employees are being required to wash their hands between each dining interaction.

All of our chefs are being required to become Servsafe certified so they fully understand safe-food preparation and handling.

• All kitchen staff are being required to wear gloves and masks and to wash their hands often when changing gloves.

• We are frequently changing out all kitchen serving utensils.

• We are making it a priority to exceed the state guidelines for all food preparation and food handling.


• We are asking all patrons to leave 2 bar stools open between groups.

• We are asking standing guests to maintain 6 feet distance between parties they are not with.


• Our menus have been laminated and will be disinfected between each use.

• Rolled silverware/napkins are being prepared in a sanitized area and stored in sealed bags.

• We are frequently disinfecting and sanitizing all tables, condiments, chairs and highchair with hospital-grade cleaning products.

• As an additional precaution, BIOPROTECT (which uses patented, EPA registered technology to kill and inhibit the growth of problematic bacteria, fungi, algae, protozoans, viruses and other microorganisms that can exist on many surfaces) is also being applied with an electrostatic sprayer. It has a 90-day residual effect from time of application and is being reapplied as necessary.

• We are keeping seated parties 6 feet apart from each other and will not permit groups of larger than 10 people to dine together.

• We are continuously cleaning common areas, handles, faucets, dispensers, trash-receptacle touchpoints, buttons, keypads, counters and cleaning tools with hospital-grade disinfectants.